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Who runs the UK?

The US appears to be run by corporations, who provide funds for political parties in elections.
The US TV networks do not carry International news, why not?


The population would switch their TV off and not watch the ads.


The UK carries International news, but this does not mean the UK population switches the TV – therefore advertisers are happy to have ads inbetween the sought after evening news slots.


Does this tells us about the dummying down of the US population v the UK – just still bright enough to follow the news?

So if the corporations run the US, who is running the UK?


There’s “not a lot” you can say about this one.

Classic film – even better book!

Completed on the way back from Boston.

The New Jerusalem

Stunning history book by Adrian Gilbert, available cheaply on amzon in the second hardback edition. HERE.

What’s it about?
The rebuilding of London after the fire of London in 1666 and an awful lot of history your probably never got taught at school.

Brief summary for me
British involvement in the 30 year war. John Wycliffe influenced Jan Huss. The Wikipedia author also states – “He initiated a religious movement based on the ideas of John Wycliffe”.

All the European intellectuals buggered off to Britain where the “flat earth” debate – was actually up for discussion.

Thus this may have precipitated the birth of the industrial revolution for 200 years.

Last breakfast with Maria

Well it all went by very quickly.
John (LX’s dad) has given me a Canon Rebel. I haven’t even yet openned!
Duty free bagged two large bottles of Pimms and two Moet et Chandon. $33 + $55 respectively!

Wednesday 21st
Plane got a good tail wind. The tired made it back to Totnes. I didn’t sleep on the plane, but was pretty solid on the train after Reading.

Biggles in good form. Thanks Rachel.

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Dale & Judy

Great hospitality from Dale & Judy, (Milbourne Lodge 127)
Present were:

Heather (daughter)
Judy’s mother
Hoola (Briefly)

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What did we do wrong?

Church again – but we were nice and late. But only shaving off a quarter of an hour.
Again, singing a real bind – but sermon again, not too bad.
Liz came over with my early birthday cake!

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Greg & Julie

This was quite a meet:

Greg & Julie
Uncle Roman
Aunt Ksenia (John’s Mother’s sister – Julie’s Mother)

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Blueberry pancakes
Siobahn’s dad show me his camera collection – would he miss his FE2?
Picked up Rick – went round this neat church. (Choose the North American jobbie.)
Army surplus story – no score
Met up with John at Lombard @ 18:17

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Nick & Jean’s

Long time friends of John’s, lovely place in 5 acres.
Hootch production on the garden patio. MX reckons the second distilation could pop into a Honda VTEC engine 🙂

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Sushi II – Siobahn and Rick

Sanity returns in a strange location:
Belmont Starbucks

General shopping at Chicago’s Alley occurs and a trip to a great Shushi Shiroi Hana Restaurant, those present:


Comment: Excellent

Dropped of clothes at Siobahn’s parents, then we visited Kopi’s. Which we were pleasently ejected from at approximately 00:30.

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Oh the driving is fun

Did a bit of straight driving for the second time. (Got the old Internation Driving License just incase.) But only at night, because those intersections look a bit tricky of Mr Lefty…

Arrived back 07:15

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This is Information Retrieval. If we’re going to have an ID card, let’s have a 21st century ID card

Page 1 of 9, Reprint (13/9/05). This is This is information retrieval. If we’re going to have an ID card, let’s have a 21st century ID card. David G.W. Birch. Director

And in case it disappears from the ether, you can find it
This is information retrieval – by David Birch 2005-09-13 05idreprint


The Chinese Revolution?

Will the Chinese actually have their revolution?
(To be continued and explaned – here for noting purposes only)

Boston – we is here

Now after all this travelling – was it worth it!
Certainly was, met up with LX’s net friend of 5 years – Heather and hubby Sean.
Great Thai meal
Follow by a trip to JP Licks – YUMMY icecream.

Those present:

John – LX’s dad

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Sept 4th to 10th

Accelerating on v quickly, as it’s actually 22:28 on Sunday 25th and it’s work tommorrow.

4th Calvary Community Church with Maria.
Too much singing, bit of hand waving. Rev Scott Eaton, sermon’s 8 outta 10.
5th Shopping with Maria – various.
6th Downtown with Liz – good fun.
7th Millenium Park and the Bean (of official the Cloud Gate)
8th Arrived at Father-in-law: John & Daria
9th Leave for the big trip 10:30 (remember the missing petrol cap John…)
10th Arrive at Maria and Walter’s 08:00! (Maria is Daria’s niece)

Sunday – Todai’s

Lunch at Todai’s, Lisa caught up with her best friend Siobahn and her Aunt Liz.

Also present myself and Lisa’s mother Maria.

Start of holiday


Started at Totnes in morning, arrived at Heathrow via bus from Reading.
Take off about an hour late – I think it needed a push…