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Bad stuff? – Big Brother’s Enemy
“Some believe that RFID is going to usher in an age of government control, but that’s only because they don’t understand history.”

Mark Roberti is the Editor of RFID Journal
July 21st 2003

OpenSource C lib to read the stuff – Power Levels for 868

as html

Trolley Scan (Pty) Ltd
Pushing the Range Boundaries in UHF Passive Tags
9 Metres in ISOcard Format Low Cost Passive Tags

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  1. Like most things RFID has the potential for good and evil. The trick is to be vigilant and stay on top of the developments.

    We try and post the most relevant RFID news everyday over on [url=]RFID Log[/url] in the hope that we can make it a little easier to keep up with those developments.

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