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Welcome to the temporary holding page for

I am interested in representing / reselling / marketing the “municator” device in the UK.

I an not presently official connected with the YellowSheepRiver company in ANY way.

BUT if you have ANY UK interest – please let me know:

  • Reselling
  • Corporate thin client deployment
  • or you would just like to buy one

Either the YellowSheepRiver company will let someone like me distribute it or appoint a distributor.

Any questions please call me:

Mark Cross
+44 (0)78 551 291 42

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  1. I would definately interested in buying one (or more) for myself. And I would definately recommend these to my computer-illiterate family members.

  2. @Mark:

    Has any commmunication been established with YellowSheepRiver?

    I tried contacting them via their website but I have received no reply.

  3. Jason,

    >Has any commmunication been established with YellowSheepRiver?

    No, as I think they are probably only interested in 100,000 unit plus deals reading inbetween the lines.
    Hence why I put this site/page together, all they will do is hang out for a deal with a large UK/European distributor.

  4. I am trying to get a project off the ground in Latin America and feel that The Municator could be an ideal solution as method of “last mile distribution”. I was wondering if you there have been any developments in your quest to contact YellowSheepRiver?

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