Why is bitcoin at $410

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“The free 21 Bitcoin Library and command line interface (CLI) is a full-featured version of the 21 software package that you can use to get a bitcoin-payable web service up and running in minutes. ” Is on it’s way.

“You need a separate micropayments channel for each API! Right now, we do support micropayment channels at the level of each individual API as described in the example here. However, we will soon be adding support for each client to open single long-running payment channel to 21.co to cover micropayments for all APIs your client is purchasing from the entire marketplace.”

  • 21 inc get free 21 Bitcoin Library rocking
  • Micropayment API becomes extensive
  • Netflix uses 21 inc micropayment network
    • make more profit
  • TV manufacturers put 21 inc chip in
    • get continuous revenue stream from streaming companies

The blockchain doesn’t scale, the blockchain doesn’t scale, the roof if falling in. No it is not. Nor is it likely to.

Why is bitcoin at $410?

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  1. Looking back at this post is quite nostalgic! Bitcoin’s new floor price is $700 and it’s really close to 4 figures! Before it’s too late, I suggest people to buy enough coins and HODL (A trading term). XMLGold.eu has some bitcoins up for sale nowadays!

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