The Man Who Predicted Sept. 11

An interview with the head of security for investment firm Morgan Stanley Dean Witter was filmed in 1998 on the 44th floor of the World Trade Center. In the film, Rick Rescorla, who was killed in the Sept. 11 attack, describes events that will lead to an attack and the subsequent war on terrorism. The segment was to be incorporated into a documentary on the nature of warfare, but the documentary was never completed and the footage sat hidden away until sometime after the Sept. 11 attack. A colonel active in three wars, Rescorla is brutally honest and eerily prophetic. It appears from online user reviews that the only people reviewing the film who’ve not been impressed are those who have been unable to play it. One notes that a “daft” JavaScript effectively prevents Linux users from viewing the content. For most of us, the usual players will work just fine.

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