so how is there also money for war

Because unfortunately it allows most of the West to have a very high standard of living and if Joe Public knew exactly how their standard of living was directly linked to the military industrial complex, the killing involved, the drug laundering, etc. I bet they might even vote for more of it to increase their standard of living. Humans are genetically programmed to look after their kith & kine, family / village / town etc. We breed more successfully than rats and religion has become very strong. For example one group who believe their God is the only true God breeds at 7% per annum, which is a double factor of 10 years. This is causing problems.

There isn’t enough contemplation time in the modern day to reflect on making the most of life. Death is practically a banned subject in Western culture and most religions have an obsession with the afterlife. We’ll just have to see what computers choose for us in 20 years time as the point of singularity draws nearer.

Invented by Antoine LeCoultre in 1844, the Millionometer was the first instrument in history capable of measuring microns. He sat on his invention for 50 years waiting for the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris before showing it. Did the German manufacturers of Field Guns use the technology – I doubt it, it arrived too late. What if he had patented his instrument in 1844. He might not have been granted the patent because of it’s military implications. Would the Swiss have let the Germans have had the designs? We shall never know, but we do know that extreme AI – will have NO MASTER.

CRISPR technology will look like a walk in the park.