A review of Amazon Deviant, oh – I mean Amazon Kindle

Where have we arrived in the course of human history?
Amazon Kindle is probably the start of the most insidious technologies ever created by man?

What is Amazon Kindle?

  • It is a universally affordable $400 ebook reader
  • Which uses Philips E-ink display
  • Books or audio are delivered using EVDO, without a monthly contract

It’s creation will allow man to acquire what most people understand to be God like powers, why? Because the network will:

  • Know who you are
  • Where you are (via the mobile network)
  • What you are reading, viewing and listening to, store and record it for you
  • Suggest what you might read, view and listen to

The future editions and competitor products will be:

  • Colour
  • Play and distribute real time video
  • Have touch screens
  • Provide digital wallets

What makes the subsequent product types more evil that Amazon Kindle?

  • They will come the new “mass media” delivery and recording devices on a global basis providing a one to many medium to replace television
  • Each individual will have education individually tailored to their IQ and learning style and everything they have ever learnt via this will be stored in their profile, along with every book they have ever read, film and their movement on the planet
  • Each human being will be monitored and profiled, in some way crimes will be predicted as portrayed in the Minority Report because AI will be run on people’s profiles to spot society’s deviants

21st century career is a 50 year journey

Excerpt from an SWRDA press release titled the same:

In outlining his skills vision Lord Leitch set some ambitious goals which included:
– 95 per cent of working age adults to achieve functional literacy and numeracy – up from 85 per cent literacy and 80 per cent numeracy today. This means 680,000 basic skills attainment per year against 110,000 today.
– More than 90 per cent of workforce adults qualified to at least Level 2 (equivalent to 5 GCSEs – grades A-C)) – up from 70 per cent today. Ninety-five per cent means 1.7 million more adults with Level 2 and 500,000 people achieving Level 2 each year against 280,000 today.

  • What a load of bollocks – define what literacy is?!
  • What does it really mean to be literate to a level that is useful for an individual to be useful to a business?