sad I know

It’s been a difficult evening’s research – on how do I take forward underneath:

Library of Congress Classification Scheme
Dewey Decimal

(I should have done this years ago with my bookmarks…)

and the strange thing about yesterday

Abi didn’t whoof of go for Magaret and David – my visiting Aunt and Uncle, down in Batson, Salcombe till Friday. She just went to basket and said ‘nought.

Sally was as good as gold! (But that’s usual)

Hotest day this year in the UK

90+ today in the UK – yes it was hot.
Read the Sunday Times cover to cover in the cool.
Strayed out to cut the edge in the evening.
Plumbed in external powersupply to my new CD player. It’s all now hidden in the glove compartment and another cig lighter socket free for recharging the mobile.
Crickey – it’s it not 23:30 before I think about playing with
Well – at least I got the Webcam grab in the top left – this will now display a piccy every 5 mins at my desk at SML – gee – I love just technology.
Picked up the second Chicago film that I shot on colour neg – they are really cool. Sears tower will appear here soon.
Time for a dip in a nice hot bath…


progress is sometimes slow

i know it isn’t much – but now I’ve put a table for greymatter to drop the blog into and i can add stuff down the side 🙂

Chicago diary to follow which will fill in the missing gap between the 8th July & the 22nd July.

I’m back in the u u u u u u u UK

I’m back in the u u u u u u u UK

Arrived back on the Air India O’Hare – Heathrow AI124 Monday morning.

Paddington – Totnes 13:33 – 16:11, it was 10 mins late or so, but must have been the fastest London Westcountry train I’ve ever been on.

Tuesday woke up about 1 or 2pm.

Tuesday night obtain about two and three quarter hours sleep.
Wednesday kept going all day.

Thursday – 11am start – ah returning back to normal.

For Chicago write coming soon, for those who just CANNOT wait, read the other half’s thought’s of the past two weeks.

See you soon readers… (please allow up to a week, I have copious notes to type up! and a poorer memory than Py.)

I opened a file of Py’s

I opened of Py’s to put in bank statement and one of her Psychology papers and smelt the incense we used to burn in the room together. I was filled with emotion. I could feel Py because of the associated smells. Emotion – funny stuff eh?

I don’t deserve you.
Unless it’s some kind of hidden message.
To show me life is precious
Then I guess it’s true.
But to tell the truth, I really never knew
‘Til I met you.
I was lost and confused.
Twisted and used up.
Knew a better life existed.
But thought that I missed it.

Hey sugar mama, come and
Dance with me.
The smartest thing you ever did
Was take a chance with me.
Whatever tickles your fancy.
Girl it’s me and you like Sid and Nancy.
So sexy almost evil
Talkin’ about butterflies in my head.
I used to think that happy endings
Were only in the books I read.
But you made me feel alive
When I was almost dead.
You filled that empty space
With the love I used to chase
And as far as I can see,
It don’t get better than this.
So, butterfly here is a song and it’s sealed with a kiss.
And a thank you miss.
Butterly” from the album “The Gift of Game”
Wicked song boys – thank you. MX.