What was money? And the TechnoMonarchy

In times past people traded things that they found, made or grew with other people for things that they wanted.

Bitcoin has had me thinking for a number of years now and I am sure my thoughts will keep changing.

We used to live in a world without limits to growth and mankind could argue whose God was best, but as we zoom off over 7 billion people we’ve maxed out on oil, probably never to exceed 100 million barrels per day extraction rate. It takes 9 grams of oil to produce 1 gram of food to put into your mouth in the West.

The Keynesians have had their day while it lasted, time for the thrift mungers – the Austrians.  It seems to me that both will deliver inequalities in times of boom and bust cycles of the stock exchanges.

Bitcoin seems to be creating so far, a bloodless Civil War. Should the store of wealth be based in favour on those who manipulate the markets for their own kind, the 1%. Who produce nothing and make nothing or should the store of wealth be held by the new 1%, the TechnoMonarchy?

The early adopters of Bitcoin, the stake holders now I believe are a new TechnoMonarchy, many of which understand:

  • Bitcoin’s current price is irrelevant†
  • Find Austrian Economics appealing

†Bitcoin isn’t just a value store

Gordon Kecko, produces wealth through the slavery of the IMF and sleeps well at night and certainly doesn’t care about the poverty of future generations through debt creation.

Where as Ivor Geek, thinks that military industrial complex has got out of hand and “believes” that Austrian economics maybe a fairer distribution of wealth. “Hell it can’t be any worse than the shit we’re in and I’m prepared to gamble a couple of thousand $/£/€”

What appeals to geeks most are the facts, for example:

  • Is the tax take going up or down
  • Are governments/corporations getting stronger or weaker
  • Are Western governments still helping to kill people in countries we are not supposed to be in, using techniques and weapons against the Geneva convention
  • Is Britain still a fuel stop for rendition flights
  • Is MI6 still outsourcing torture to foreign nations

The bottom line is that TechnoMonarchy I’m describing or anonymous, doesn’t need  a political party, meetings or a manifesto, they know that the wheels need re-attaching. This is a spiritually human thing and the re-basing of money is central.

windows 7 64 bit fails install 0X80070057

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2476568 – EPIC whale fail “many shit” #dogecoin


karlsnooks wrote on:


Use your Win 7 DVD to “clean” your hard drive.


  • Insert your Win 7 DVD or Win 7 USB
  • Power down your computer
  • Power up your computer.
    Boot up your computer from the Win 7 DVD/USB stick
  • When a screen is displayed asking for the Language to Install,
    press the key combo of SHIFT + F10
  • Do NOT click on Next.
    Press the SHIFT + F10 key combo.

You will have a X:\Sources> command prompt.
X: is a ram drive created by Windows 7.
X: contains a mini-version of Windows 7 called a PE (pre-execution environment).

If you do not plan on installing windows at this time, you may now remove the DVD/USB stick.

If you plan on continuing with an install, then do not remove.

Execute the desired commands.
Use the EXIT command to return to the Win 7 installation procedure.
NOTE: UFD = Usb Flash Device = usb stick = pendrive = thumb drive

That showed you how to get to a command prompt.

Here is how to prepare the hard disk once you are at the command prompt:

type these commands,following each by hitting the ENTER key:

DETAIL DISK (to make sure you got the hard disk)
EXIT (this one gets you back into the install program.


e. Create a partition.
Type in:
create partition primary
f. Select the partition.
Type in:
select partition 1
g. Activate the partition on the disk.
Type in:
h. Do a full format into NTFS.
Type in:
format fs=ntfs
It will take some time to complete. Anywhere from 30 minutes up to several hours, depending on the size of the disk.
thanks again to the person who posted this solution as I was able to format my IDE disk and install windows 7.
Christmas Day – still going on this one!
Sorted use Sardu to create my USB with old Grub v 0.4.4…..

Type In:


LIST DISK and identify your disk number (from 0 to n disks)

SELECT DISK <n> where <n> is the disk number

CLEAN ALL (Will Take Some Time)


FORMAT FS=NTFS (Will Take Some Time)





[ Immediately Terminate Install Process Completely ]


Reboot using Installation DVD.

Do NOT reformat during installation process


Bitcoin price, currency, commodity – Monarchy

Well the long term 18+ month stability of Bitcoin “may” depend of whether it gets classed as a commodity. Tax wise if it gets classed as a commodity I’m reliably informed by a city type in the Castle Pub, Totnes that this will cause the big boys to get involved, like Fidelity the other day. But then they immediately got leaned on by Uncle Sam.

The Swiss are taking a view in the New Year, the Germans have already classed it as private currency. The UK is undecided, but I was advised by the tax office myself – that I’m to do my tax return for CGT as currency.

So at moment it’s as clear as mud.

The more interesting issue is that the Swiss used the tally stick in rural areas as late as the 19th Century. And Britain’s BOE absorbed the last of the Monarchy’s tally stick in the UK in about 1850, at 60% discount of value.

If you believe that the government is a pawn of the military industrial complex? And we would be better off without the people who just make money up. Both at a spiritual level and a planet conservation angle – then you should be perhaps voting for Bitcoin as currency.

I personally believe that puts you firmly in the position of supporting the Monarchy. As the Monarchy issued tally sticks of supply without the backing of government, gold or silver.

Essentially the aristocracy wealth was based on land value, and it’s probably where the planet needs to be if the human species is not to destroy itself. Because ultimately even if you culture food in a jar and don’t go mad watching day time TV, you’ll have to fucking live somewhere!

Transition decline based on energy is utter BOLLOCKS.

Thorium nuclear power and nanotechnology will solve our energy problems in the next twenty years.

What is at issue is the 95 rare elements that keep the wheels on the consumer society and level debt in the Western World, coupled with future life expectancy that is truly frightening. Boiled frog syndrome springs to mind.


Tent.io – Cupcake anyone?

Hyper-G, commercially now Hyperware was for a dashing moment the competitor to the web as we know it (University of Graz). It provided a system where you couldn’t get dead web links, still built on http:// but speed to market prevailed.

One to watch http://tent.io – this could be one to watch – FaceBook 🙂 It could certainly replace email in the near future very rapidly.

For medium techies, here’s another person’s take: http://web.appstorm.net/general/opinion/why-tent-io-seems-more-promising-than-app-net/