Leeenux v4 install issues on eee 4G surf (aka 701)

When booting off yoru USB stick it will hang at:
press the TAB key and type “live”
wait a long time
User = “eee” password is blank

hit the “install v4” icon when you see it 🙂

When Leeenux starts, it may ask you for keyring password. Enter "2", and then do the following:
1. Open up your Home Folder
2. Press CTRL-H (or click View>Show Hidden Files)
3. Find a folder called .gnome2 (it has a period at the beginning of the name) and open it by double clicking on it
4. In side of the .gnome2 folder, there is another folder called keyrings. Open it up.
5. Delete any files you find within the keyrings folder
6. Restart the computer

Do above or you will have to keep entering your keyring to get remembered WiFi to work