Installing bitmessage on linux for bootup start

cd $HOME/PyBitmessage/src/ && nohup python ./

If you want to start Bitmessage automatically when you login, make a new file into your ~/.config/autostart/ directory:
$ gedit $HOME/.config/autostart/bitmessage.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=nohup python /home/youruserfoler/PyBitmessage/src/

gedit $HOME/Desktop/bitmessage.desktop

Then you should click on the new icon with the right mouse button, select "Properties", click on "Permissions" and mark "[x] Allow executing file as program".

creating rooms on bitmessage


I have discovered by adding the Bitchirp Bitmessage address to the subcriptions I can read the Chirps sent to without actually visiting the site. As such it occurs to me that it’s very easy to create new “rooms” for topics we like by chirping an address and “subscribing” via bitmessage. Thanks Bitchirp for being a great place to start. I’m going to suggest a topic that makes the world go round –#Porn s…

Bitcoin HRMC, Fidor Bank AG &, RIPPLE next then FOREX

There was this posting on the other day:

Bitcoin exchanges operating in the UK do not have to register with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) under money laundering regulations, the government department has revealed. 8th July 2013.

Then this posting yesterday 11th July announcing the exchange being able to work with a German Clearing Bank (Fidor Bank AG), which will then be able to fully comply with any KYC/AML requirements . This looks like it near enough caused Bitcoin to jump 10% overnight.

However it should be bourne in-mind that I believe the most single important investment money or otherwise in the Bitcoin arena is Google’s recent investment in or OpenCoin (the company), this is an allied trading platform with a Bitcoin API – those network if secure enough could be a competitor to all merchant services clearing, like VISA and Mastercard – hence Google’s investment.

Note that Google have invested – small change, but it’s still VERY telling.

Ripple, billed as “the world’s first open payment network”, may lack the rebel allure of Bitcoin itself, but its distributed model could patch one of Bitcoin’s chief weaknesses, namely its reliance on a few sometimes less-than-transparent exchanges. Of course, Ripple will be usable for the exchange of other currencies, too, and it arguably sits alongside other new financial technology startups such as Transferwise.

RIPPLE now allows you to pay anybody in Bitcoin as of 2nd July 2013 in a way that might promote Bitcoin to be used for FOREX. Note that the first bitcoin exchange – is a British company, yet unable to find a British bank to sort out payments yet… Although do require all the KYC documents to open an account with them, so the exchange is already in a prime position to completely challenge mt.gox – Americans, you’ve just got to love’em.

Disclosure: The author has accounts with most of the bitcoin exchanges with KYC requirements or otherwise.