Managed DNS – ENUM help – NAPTR record management?

Managed DNSâ„¢ AG Projects.
Best product Euros 80 – 10 zones (£55)
Sentiro Ltd < - Watch out for these guys!
press release

TTL Control
US – $50 10 zones
US – $100 25 zones

Round Robin
10 zones – $3.95 per domain

Varying permissions for a domain can be assigned to other users if you wish, allowing you to organise complex access structures for personnel.
Resonix – annonymously located UK company with bizarre pricing structure that I can’t suss.

UK unlimited £45 per/month with branded serves
From £20.00 per Annum (excluding VAT) for 150 Zones
£20 for Primary & Secondary or £20 for secondary only
Based in Exeter! Use Star Internet Ltd – Good rep ISP
$50 – 100 domains Primary OR Secondary

Looks great for secondary
10 free – upgrade to full service providing email if cannot copy primary £15, alert only £10
15- £30, 20 – £50, 25 – £60, 30 – £65, 35+ @ £2.75 each
I use this service and it appears to be cracking!

Can anybody help me find more ENUM support for managed DNS? – TA MX

First Open News Aggregator Standard Expected to Advance Syndicated Feed

New Bloglines Web Services Selected by FeedDemon, NetNewsWire and Blogbot to Eliminate RSS Bandwidth Bottleneck.

“Bloglines Web Services address a key issue facing the growing RSS market by reducing the bandwidth demands on sites serving syndicated news feeds. Now, instead of thousands of individual desktop PCs independently scanning news sources, blogs and web sites for updated feeds, Bloglines will make low-bandwidth requests to each site on behalf of the universe of subscribers and cache any updates to its master web database. Bloglines will then redistribute the latest content to all the individuals subscribed to those feeds via the linked desktop applications — FeedDemon, NetNewsWire or Blogbot — or via Bloglines’ free web service. ”

Google builds a browser (The Reg)

By John Oates
Published Tuesday 21st September 2004 10:56 GMT

Google is spending some of the cash it raised from its IPO on headhunting staff to build a web browser. Staff have already been poached from Microsoft and Sun.

Joshua Bloch, a senior Java developer at Sun, and four people from Microsoft’s IE team have all joined the firm in the last few weeks, according to the New York Post. One of the four, Adam Bosworth, was also a lead developer in the development of Access.

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UK Internet everywhere

PCCW opens kimono (a little) on UK broadband wireless plans

When the UK’s 15 licenses for fixed wireless broadband ended up in the hands of a single viable bidder in May last year, most European and UK operators shrugged and said so what?

Pacific Century Cyber Works bought 13 of 15 licenses auctioned in the UK last year, by bidding through differently named subsidiaries and later acquired the companies that held the other two, all for a total cost of about $14m.

pccw uk broadband wireless

Dell Axim A30 to WAP

I got stuck and found this.

Now it didn’t solve my problems – but got me to a level base line as it’s a work’s toy.

My problem that under the “Authentification” tab I had to check “Network Authentification” and “The key is provided for me automatically” to enter the the “Network key”. But then if I did not uncheck the “Network Authentification” afterwards – the Axim couldn’t talk to my SMC2655W!

Bush by numbers: Four years of double standards

By Graydon Carter
03 September 2004
(Front cover of the UK Independent newspaper and a few inside pages …)

Bush by numbers

1 Number of Bush administration public statements on National security issued between 20 January 2001 and 10 September 2001 that mentioned al-Qa’ida.

104 Number of Bush administration public statements on National security and defence in the same period that mentioned Iraq or Saddam Hussein.

101 Number of Bush administration public statements on National security and defence in the same period that mentioned missile defence.
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It’s a funny thing, but…

I never noticed, but since I started my blog it’s been mis-splet!

The wife’s first comment was, you don’t spell “groto” like that…

<< :: d e f e c t i n g :: >>

I have just migrated from pmachine 2.2 (knowledge of phpMyAdmin required)
“pmachine import problems from v2.2 or how I spent Sept 3rd, or very early Sept 4th”

My advice
First udpate pmachine to 2.3

“Point your browser to the pm/updates/index.php file on your server. This file will update you to version 2.3 Be sure that you’re accessing the file through your webserver and not just loading the file into your web browser locally. Access the file as you would a regular webpage, using an address similar to”

Well it doesn’t you have to run this in the browser to: /pm/updates/update_2.3.php
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