Google builds a browser (The Reg)

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By John Oates
Published Tuesday 21st September 2004 10:56 GMT

Google is spending some of the cash it raised from its IPO on headhunting staff to build a web browser. Staff have already been poached from Microsoft and Sun.

Joshua Bloch, a senior Java developer at Sun, and four people from Microsoft’s IE team have all joined the firm in the last few weeks, according to the New York Post. One of the four, Adam Bosworth, was also a lead developer in the development of Access.


“Longer term, the firm could be looking at building a stack of applications that would mirror Larry Ellison’s network computer model – an online resource accessed by a browser and a very simple PC. ®”

Yes I agreed, as at mid 2004, 100,000 networked pizzaboxes, only akamai has that IP to get into this game – to the best of my knowledge.

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