Glenn Beck Everybody For Anal Probes

Gordon posted this on FaceBook, headed:

Citizens of the USA: you have a choice between Obama and this.
Glenn Beck: “Everybody For Anal Probes”

In response I wrote:

Well – they are about as bright as us when it comes to making choices. I mean somebody out there voted for a UK Government which allowed for social security support beyond two children. Which “Eric half a bee” could have worked out it would have been a financial nightmare later.

The public deserve the Government they get, because 90% of the electorate are too stupid to vote / insufficient education. 5% control the system/media/voting/boundary changes. And the 5% that see the corruption, wouldn’t take up arms to do anything about it, it’s easier for the educated to turn a blind eye and get by on £20-100k.

Essentially “we’re middle class and comfortable – so I don’t see the problem” (& then move to Totnes) and this “equality” is created by the truly selfish bastards – the first 5% I narrated above who brand it as “Capitalism”.

Well that’s my first rant for the day… MX