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I have just migrated from pmachine 2.2 (knowledge of phpMyAdmin required)
“pmachine import problems from v2.2 or how I spent Sept 3rd, or very early Sept 4th”

My advice
First udpate pmachine to 2.3

“Point your browser to the pm/updates/index.php file on your server. This file will update you to version 2.3 Be sure that you’re accessing the file through your webserver and not just loading the file into your web browser locally. Access the file as you would a regular webpage, using an address similar to http://www.yourdomain.com/pm/updates/index.php.”

Well it doesn’t you have to run this in the browser to: /pm/updates/update_2.3.php

Next install WordPress (I used v1.2 at the time of this posting)

See http://wordpress.org/support/6/3315

Configure the top of the file for your pmachine settings

4. If you are upgrading from v2.2 – delete the from

// Importing trackbacks
to the end of the php conversion script – because if you didn’t create any backtracks the import will error, although this probably pretty minor.

In wp_posts, post_content column, in order to render href instead of pmachines [url]..[/url]

My vi notation was as follows:


Posted by timothy on Thursday September 02, @08:50PM
from the of-course-you-could-just-walk-outside dept.
neoatbay writes “Globeandmail has a story on I-Neighbors.org, a social networking site based on geography, rather than affinity. Unlike other websites that allow global, national, or city-wide communication, I-Neighbors links members of a single neighborhood, defined by the people that create them. It is created by a team led by Pro. Keith Hampton at MIT. Anyone in this neighborhood, and play badminton?”


Pro. Keith Hampton at MIT

hmmmm – I like this, nice and clean a bit like pmachine – but looks cleaner.
Like the attitude on the site. Search support – oh ah pmachine import scripts 🙂

The wife is on night shift, I’ll…

Well somehow, I’ve done the import – many thanks to :

michel v for his invaluable script!


I started on greymatter April 2001
Defected to pmachine around August 2002, just wanted to play with php.
I’ve got every bookmark I’ve made since Feb 1994

Somehow I managed to cook steak and chips tonight.

Good luck with defections,


Sitebar.org installation beckons…

PPS If this wordpress is no good I’ll not be happy!

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