I’m back in the u u u u u u u UK

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I’m back in the u u u u u u u UK

Arrived back on the Air India O’Hare – Heathrow AI124 Monday morning.

Paddington – Totnes 13:33 – 16:11, it was 10 mins late or so, but must have been the fastest London Westcountry train I’ve ever been on.

Tuesday woke up about 1 or 2pm.

Tuesday night obtain about two and three quarter hours sleep.
Wednesday kept going all day.

Thursday – 11am start – ah returning back to normal.

For Chicago write coming soon, for those who just CANNOT wait, read the other half’s thought’s of the past two weeks.


See you soon readers… (please allow up to a week, I have copious notes to type up! and a poorer memory than Py.)

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