So near and yet so far

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Nearly there, saw my solicitor at 12, decided to take the plunge.

Organised a new cheque for the survey, faxed offer to subject to survey and contract. Vendor on holiday! In the words of Victor Meldrew – “I don’t believe it”, yet more of a wait…

For some reason, despite my previous offer, they still want to check with the vendor and I’m offering the asking price!

How do you keep an idiot in suspence number 946? – suggest to them that property ownership is a good idea and watch them try it.

Today Py moved rooms in the Mary Newman Halls of Torture @ Plymouth University.
Reason – they refused to shut the noisy person up above her. Instead Py was forced to move in order to get some sleep.

Print a rule book – then don’t bother to enforce it. *ankers.

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