Nu metal – what the hell is that?

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Friday night popped over to be with Py for the weekend.

Dead on 7pm, Py myself, Mesh & Keg make it into Bar “Cuba” to catch their Pizza and a Pint for £5 – *WICKED*

Then we go on a small pub cruise and finally make it to the Metal night at JFK’s.

Great night – Py and I left a little early and Mesh & Keg stayed on a little longer.

Saturday we looked at beds, had pasties for lunch in town at Oggy’s and consumed the worst milkshake ever.

Py bought the soundtrack to “The Hole” with her “fiver off at HMV” International student’s bribe. (They had to pay them to attend a meeting about their experience about Plymouth University.) Like it would be nice if lecturers turned up to give lectures. It would be great if the Halls of Residence was somewhere where you could sleep within humane hours and the powers that be enforce their own rule book on people who choose to be plainly anti-social in the Halls.

When I was at Plymouth Uni – I can remember about 3 cancellations in 2 years, Py seems to suffer one EVERY two weeks or so. Now when you are paying top whack to study here as an International student… How about a rebate for every cancel? The purpose of the meeting was to find out how Internationals found Plymouth and with all the cancellations that Py has had – I’d be hard pressed to recommended it. But the problems do seem to be just related to the Psychology Department, I have only fond memories of the organisation within the Computing Deparment, which was excellent while I was there and now whenever I contact them again.

Since leaving the lab facilities for students to use in the “building formerly known as the GTB” are suberb – it’s now called the Babbage building. Only minor point being – they shut at 10:30pm. Py’s US University’s were open 24hours. Now there are security guards on at Plymouth on 24hours, the labs are CCTV’d up- so why not leave them open? Bizzare!

Saturday night – reformatted Py’s Laptop for the summer.
Sunday – we’re going to do Mesh”s Laptop for the summer.

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