phew! – bit of an epic shop day

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Well got up b4 9 on a Saturday.

In the car to Exeter went to the camera shop, he didn’t think my camera needed tightening or the lens ring replacing after the other week’s smash. The dude also had a f3.5 35-70 Minolta MD original solid lens hood – what a start £5. Minolta UK wanted £15 + VAT. It would cost £38 to replace the baynet ring and fit it, the frame counter is knackered – £48. Er so it’s cheaper for me to part/ex it for another second hand one with a warranty than fix it properly! That’s cold logic for you.

I also spotted a lovely De Vere monorail for 200 quid :-). Wow I’m dreaming. (Py it also needs two lens to go with it and a *uck off tripod, so it will be a while before I visit the shop again. It’s £700 project but he does have them go through all the time 🙂

Next I popped into town and ordered the 2 seater Boston futon, Py you’ll now have to guess which material I choose for the loose covers 🙂

All day breakfast at the place we went to last time. (Sorry you weren’t with me Py.)

Found a wallet for the trip to Chicago. (Py insisted I needed a new one)

Off Trago to fill the car up. 76.9p per litre – v cheap around these parts. 79.9p/l being normal.

Ashburton. Found a present for my Py’s dad and a cheap watch to wear in the US – ‘cus my travel insurance won’t cover my watch 🙁 & Py’s birthday card 🙂

Saturday evening – bought a Hoover Junior! £15 – advert I spotted in the local paper on very late Friday night.

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