busy day

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Arrived in at a usual time 10 ish
Kevin at the UKD called me. (More in future blog – watch this space, but it may be some time)
Popped of to the Dentist at 2pm, visiting nick wayes car scrap yard for a piece of engine hoseing that had dropped to bits. Now it starts better with bit of hot air going straight in and it’s running better!
3:45pm door locked on Dentist, ring door bell – nothing.
Ring number, ring emergency number – get fax machine.
Start for home.
Mobile goes, your appointment is for August 2nd Mrs Dentist says. Err no it’s today. (They’d decided to bugger off for the afternoon). It must be a slip of the diary she said…
It’s cool – ‘cus when I get back on my bedroom dresser is a letter saying August 1st. Can’t wait to see her face tommorrow. 2+ hours wasted. ahhhhhhhhhh.
Get back to the office 5pm
Work till 6:30ish
Back for 7pm – supper
Strim back bank
9:15 take dogs for walk with Mother
10 ish – hit bath
11 ish – all Chicago text is entered, both weeks 1 & 2
12 ish email Py
12:16 – hitting bed

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