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or in the US

MSN back it July 2001
As do AOL Aug 2001

Fortunately, some entrepreneurs haven’t checked out of the asylum yet. Take Karl Jacob, CEO of the online-advice service Keen.com Inc. After a short stint as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Silicon Valley VC firm Benchmark Capital–where he admits he didn’t believe in eBay at first–Jacob started Keen. His aim was to get people to log on to the Web to locate experts on everything from astrological readings to computer repairs–and then pay to consult with them over the phone. Weird as it sounds, it’s working so far: Sales at the privately-held company have jumped from almost zero a year ago to more than $5 million in the first quarter. Says Jacob: “You can’t create lasting companies and great value by following everybody else.”
Business Week June 2001

“Keen’s revenues from the first quarter of this year are more than the total from all of 2000. Using the first quarter as a guide, the company projects that the total transactional revenue for 2001 will be about $25 million, which will be split between Keen and the speakers.”
Red Herring give Jacob thumbs up June 2001

Keen’s Press Release page

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