Linen and pans

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Busy shopping day

Popped into work to back up my email, then of to wet Plymouth.

Stop off at MFI – wow found this great shelving just like the Lunida/Skandia stuff Py & I like and it’s on clearance. MFI are stopping manufacture. Now if I take the 1m high end and cut them to 60cms I can put a TV on a corner section. Excellent. Grab brochue and prices. Offer probably end Sept 5th.

Arrive – Plymouth roasting hot. Rain gone away.

Bought from the co-op in a genuine British sale, none of the Value City nonsense (US), where nothing
has ever actually been that price, in the UK it must have been actually on sale for 30 days
at the inflated price before they can mark it down and call it a “sale” price :

Super King Size Duvet (for 6 ft bed 🙂
Included two free pillows 🙂
Duvet case + Two matching pillow cases
2 Egyptian plain cotton sheets and pillow cases for other pillows – non sale 🙁
Underblanket – non sale 🙁

We have bedding.

Then what do I discover – it’s Plymouth’s first French day.
20 or so French Market trades have stalls in the street.

One old guy owns and runs a French enamelling factory :-

We now have :

A wok
Two frying pans – one very large for a Steve & Lee invasion, fry Sunday morning + a small one for us.
A steamer pan set
A plain source pan
A chip pan
+ couple of lids

Funny to think our market traders couldn’t do the same – our command of French is too crap.
Their English was excellent.

The Washer is down to three (all German of course, I love nearly all things German especially their cars) :

Miele £1,200 – expected lifetime 20,000 hours
Bosch £779 – expected lifetime 10,000 hours
Whirlpool £559 – expected lifetime 10,000 hours

Whirlpool 5 years parts guarantee extra £19!
So if it breaks down in the first five years – you only pay for labour.
3 day repair guarantee – if they don’t fix it in 3 days – you get the whole repair free.

Back to MFI – me thinks I best pop in an order for this stuff.
Go through order with “Kelly” – the computer says, out of stock.
So can’t I buy the display. / Neogiate with the Manager.
Oh no – Head Office have to approve that and he’s only covering.
They’ll sell of the display at the end of the clearance sale.
Ah – so you’re going to continue to let people look at the display and then try to order the basic components to find there out of stock?
I’m sorry I only work here.
“Kelly” promises to call round the other branches next with my shopping list of components. I on the other hand hold out ZERO hope.
She’s not in Tuesday and Wednesday, but doesn’t expect a reply from their Intranet before that anyway!
Now that’s confidence in your company.
It has a fully computerised EPOS with central warehousing and it’s going to take them 3+ working days to do an SQL query on 6 line items.
Me thinks MFI ripe for takeover – must check out and the Fool.

Half an hour wasted driving around working out how to get back to MF *cuking I, only to find their management couldn’t escape out of a wet paper bag.

Dog walk – that was funny, Abi slipped her lead on Mother and tried to leg it back home
Watched BBC2 – 1990 in music and pop videos documentary – God I feel old
Stella Artois
Chat to friend in Canada
Chat with Py
This blogging
Time to brush teeth

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