A plague of 3 things at the Malt House

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And God send unto Cross – “WATER THREE TIMES”

Last Sunday the immerstion heater ballcock ball cocked it’s last.
Also followed by it’s Son the overflow pipe, which wasn’t connected to anything AT ALL!

So when we came in from visiting Mother (grass cut etc) the floor was starting to get wet. Good job we hadn’t got the new carpets yet.

Monday morning – “Mark the sink’s not going down”.
(Blocked waste disposal unit)

Tuesday washing machine leak appeared. The cold inlet piple leaking to the machine. The man who gets sent out to fix it says he’s never seen a new installation fail 🙂 hmm….

Up shot of this week
Plumbing basics learnt “on the job”
Replacing ballcock system and plumbing plastic 3/4″ piping

I have my own views on how to stop days like September 11th 2001, they’ll be coming later – when I get more time!!!

Other news: last weekend Py finished painting the front room. So we now have two nice rooms in the flat.

Thanks Py


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