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Well here is the Pathe newsreel in Stills’o’Vision :




December’s pics to follow…

Flat News :
Carpet Down
Bed arrived
Bathroom and Kitchen to go but otherwise completely inhabitable and clean

Py News :
She’s had some grades she’s been pleased about this term.
Work is hectic.

Christmas was reasonable cool see Py’s take on that.
She got me neat book on Time travel and a biography on John Clease.
+ Spookily a copy of Animal Farm, which I had also just got from a second hand shop the other day. So we now have a loan copy available!

I’ve just finish Tim Berners-Lee’s “Weaving the Web” book – favourite extract was this :

“Already the attention of people, the following of links, and the flow of money are interlaced inextricably.” P223

Whilst his quoted thoughts about the future are often on these lines :

“Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, reminisces about designing the first Web protocols and predicts that the next Web revolution will be led by the Semantic Web, a system of organizing information for the sharing and processing of Web data across a variety of programs and applications.”

I think that this Semantic Web revolution will be a real “cusp” ride – one day the world will have it and it will be a very different scary place.

Full CNet story about “What will the Web be tomorrow?” :

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