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When the Internet came to by attention at the end of 1993. I got a funny feeling.
When Linux reared it head good and proper by 1997. I got a funny feeling.

Well my next biggest gut feeling is the relationship between the Cellphone/PDA/Network Operators and credit checking agencies.

I reckon that biometrics in the form of 3D iris scanning will be in cellphone in the next 5-10 years.

Why? Home banking.
You will provide the bank with your biometrics for your security to access your account.

Once the biometrics is integral to the phone other companies will leaverage the interface.
As a consummer you paid the extra on the phone for the extra security.

Maybe some retailers will “trust” the cell phone companies technology to get rid some small purchase transactions.

You may decide to trust the supermarket with your iris print to enable you to get through the check-outs quick or go through the underground or the metro.

There has got to be a relation between the credit agencies and the phone networks because they can provide some evidence of last address used and alot credit scores.

Will there be a time when a local Health Center brokers it’s address records with credit checking agencies for a source of revenue?

The cross-checking and fewer address changes you have, the higher your “identity rating” will become.

Your identity will reliant on just a few trusted databases.

We will individually trust many retailers to make our lives easier (who doesn’t have a credit card)
They will sell your records for cross-checking with the credit agencies (just as you allow credit card companies and banks to go digging)
The credit agencies collate these records on you as an individual
The credit agencies end up in a better position to identify you as an individual than the state does through your driving license and birth certificate.

Korrect or Krong?

Do the credit agencies have more benefit with merging with a global telco players? or
Do the global telcos/satelite telcos benefit more from merging with credit agencies?

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