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Hard but the funniest of the week goes to :


Runner up :

the eye


St Hashcakes

Marijuana Term begins today. There are 1,207 users in the school. R.S.J. Dope-Ffiend (Rizlas) is Keeper of the Stash. P.L.R. Pothead (Roaches) is Captain of Reefers. Mr L.S. Dealer replaces Dr Methadone as Head of Chemistry. He will be organising the school trip. The Bong will be held on The Grass on 23rd February. There will be a performance of the School Play (“Trainspotting”) in the Uppers Hall on 7th March. Tickets can be obtained from the Bursar, Wing Commander “Spliffy” Spliffington O.C. Ecstasies will be on 7th March.

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