gobcl.com – MS Word to PDF online – cool eh?

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I reckon this is the neatest site I’ll find this month, just hope too many people don’t catch on.
Adobe’s $10 a month sucks.

Why don’t they PayPal it and charge up your account and you pay per byte?

However they nice people are doing it on the house to promote their PDF plug-ins.


Thank you Mr or Mrs BCL

goBCL: the fast, free and flexible PDF and HTML creation tool for business professionals

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. April 23, 2002 – BCL Technologies, Inc., a leader in document management and web publishing software, announced today that its free document publishing service, GoBCL is back online with new and improved functionalities and advanced features. GoBCL was offline for a short period of time while it was undergoing several major upgrades, but the service now is once again active. GoBCL provides customers with a fast and free document conversion tool for creating PDF (Portable Document Format) or HTML (Hypertext Mark Up Language) formats from anywhere in the world…


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