Just read two books that I think most people in the US and UK should read

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Stupid White Men … and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation! by Michael More

Now the More book started off fine, but lost it 3/4 way through.

It’s an interesting book, but you have to be careful, he neglects to say the Bin Laden’s family disowned Osama years ago. He fails to point out what would have happened if the Bin Laden family hadn’t been evacuated from the US after 9/11 – a lynch mob, that’s what. A few family members killed in the heat of the moment who hadn’t anything to do with it.

A great book spoilt by a patriotic ending.

The book is important in my opinion because we tend to follow the US. It’s on the best sellers and justifiably so.


Closely followed by :

War on Iraq by Scott Ritter & William Rivers Pitt

This book should be PDF’d and developed as a virus and sent to the electorate in the US and Britain that have email. (With a read receipt back to their conscience.)

This book is just a truely shocking, scary book.


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