K prgramming language

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A Shallow Introduction to the K Programming Language (Columns)
By jjayson
Thu Nov 14th, 2002 at 05:58:07 AM EST

About two years ago I was introduced to a programming language that I really didn’t like: it didn’t have continuations, I didn’t see any objects, it had too many operators, it didn’t have a large community around it, it was strange and different, and it looked like line noise, like Perl, and I don’t like Perl. However, I gave it a try.

I had to learn that continuations may not be there, but first-class functions are; it may not have a normal object system, but that is because the language doesn’t need it and gets it power by cutting across objects; all the operators are the functions that make up its standard library; it’s community may not be large, but it is incredibly intelligent; it only looks strange until you understand its concepts; and well, it will always look like line noise, but you will stop caring because this also make the concise code easier to read. K has since become my language of choice.


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