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Avalist Unveils PinPostâ„¢ – The Peer-to-Peer Instant Classifieds Network

Vancouver, BC – August 15, 2001 – Avalist Networks Inc., a peer-to-peer software development company, is proud to announce the direct market release of its end-user product, PinPostâ„¢ – the P2P Instant Classifieds Network ( In Beta release since May 2001, PinPostâ„¢ is a full-featured and free downloadable application for localized buying and selling through classified ad-style listings.

PinPostâ„¢, a Microsoft Windowsâ„¢ compatible application, is the first product of its kind, combining peer-to-peer technology with a Linux-based database infrastructure to create a powerful buy and sell network. It is a community-oriented tool serving 60,000 individually selectable localities in North America, enabling buyers and sellers to target their own cities and neighborhoods.

PinPostâ„¢ allows users to instantaneously share listings information through a network of peer computers. Based on locality, classification and keywords they can seamlessly search and browse through a massive collection of listings, conveniently organized within 4,000 product and service categories and posted by 90,000 buyers and sellers.

Integrated communication tools such as instant messaging and listing-specific public discussions, enable PinPostâ„¢ users to instantly interact with each other. Two-way integration with ‘.for-sale’ and ‘.jobs’ newsgroups ensures that users have access to the most current listings from Usenet (the popular online community). PinPostâ„¢ users have the option to export their own listings to newsgroups to gain extra exposure.

“We have now entered the second wave of the Internet revolution, heralded by instant communication and user empowerment”, said Bern Niamir, Chief Technology Officer of Avalist. “Our patent-pending peer-to-peer technology enables users to instantly create localized buy and sell listings, communicate and negotiate, increasing the possibility of successful transactions.”

PinPostâ„¢ is the new alternative to conventional buy and sell web sites. While these sites were the first step in online buying and selling, they fail to meet the end-user demand for control over localized content and instant communication. In light of the new demands and the emergence of peer-to-peer technology, PinPostâ„¢ is a community-publishing product, enabling its users to contribute up to date and quality content for listings and relevant discussion items, which in turn fosters a robust and self-sustaining online instant classifieds marketplace.

About Avalist Networks Inc
Avalist Networks Inc. ( is a privately held corporation located in Vancouver, Canada. The company has launched PinPostâ„¢, a patent-pending peer-to-peer instant classifieds application. PinPostâ„¢ integrates distributed discovery, instant communication, deep localization, and Napsterâ„¢-like peer-to-peer file sharing, to change the paradigm of consumer-to-consumer trading through the Internet.

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