/. FCC Forum Divided on Future VoIP Regulation

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FCC Forum Divided on Future VoIP Regulation

Posted by michael on Tuesday December 02, @02:45PM
from the not-a-question-of-if dept.
ElCheapo writes “As the great philosopher Eminem once said, ‘The FCC won’t let [VoIP”> be, or let [VoIP”> be free.’ In Washington today, the FCC held a public forum ‘to gather information concerning advancements, innovations, and regulatory issues related to VoIP services.’ Slashdot has seen numerous stories on VoIP regulation recently, but Tom Evslin, CEO of ITXC, brought up another point: If VoIP is over-regulated, it will not go away, it will just move to other countries and reach the point where regulation can no longer be enforced. With or without VoIP regulation, will a global P2P (PSTN-connected) voice network emerge? Will it start out as hobbyists setting up Asterisk Open Source PBX boxes connected to their home POTS line? Will some form of ENUM allow least cost routing to boxes sitting in basements and garages around the world? If an ITSP in Europe can setup an Asterisk box with PSTN access and start offering US phone numbers and vice-versa, will global number plans become obsolete? What effect will the ridiculously low barrier to entry for VoIP have on telecommunications?”

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