Do-It-Yourself VOIP Telco

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Posted by michael on Friday May 28, @09:27AM
from the some-hacking-required dept.

DamnYankee writes “Robert X. Cringley predicts the coming demise of the landline telco monopolies from the grassroots encroachment of VoIP and Linux on the latest generation of Wifi routers. According to Bob, ‘The result is a system with economics with which a traditional local phone company simply can’t compete’. With Linux capabilities and builtin VoIP any Mom and Pop can become the local equivalent of a cellular phone company for the price of $79 Wifi router. Now how is Verizon going to compete with that? Get the full scoop from the man himself.”

[b”>What is NetShare?[/b”>
WiFi NetShare from Speakeasy allows you–the tech-savvy Speakeasy DSL member–to offer your neighbors broadband service via the new WiFi revolution. They get broadband service; you reduce your monthly fees.

[b”>FXO kit[/b”>

[b”>Great VOIP Info site – running tikiwiki[/b”>

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