FreeRADIUS & Freeside & SOWN-1x

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FreeRADIUS includes more than 40 vendor-specific dictionary files. It ships with support for LDAP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle databases. It supports EAP, with EAP-MD5, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-PEAP, and Cisco LEAP sub-types. It is rapidly approaching a stable 1.0 release, with increment improvements being added and tested daily. In short, it is a powerful, fast, and complex RADIUS server which is compatible with the latest network protocols and practices, and is well suited for deployment in large networks.

Freeside is an open-source billing package for ISPs.

Major new features include ACH (electronic check) support and time/bandwidth billing with FreeRADIUS, ICRADIUS, or Radiator. New reports were added (suspended packages, payments by type and/or date range, and package definitions by total customer packages). The Web UI gained a “cancel this customer” button, easy package changes, and an “unprovision” option for individual services. Exports to Apache, LDAP and command-based vpopmail were added, and suspension/unsuspension hooks were added to the export API.

SOWN-1x is a project designed to let people share their wireless connectivity safely and securely using the 802.1x protocol. You control who can use your access points, from friends and family to any user in the database. All you need to take part is an 802.1x capable access point and a static IP address on your internet connection.

We also log who is using your access point and when, thus if anybody should abuse your internet connection it will be possible to identify them.


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