Letters Only LM Hash Database

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Posted by CmdrTaco on Tuesday November 02, @12:19PM
from the need-new-security dept.
Peter Clark writes “Disk storage has increased tremendously in the past 5 years and the blatant insecurities in the antiquated LM hashing technique have not gone away; though functionality has been added to disable LM hashes, this is not set by default. With some help from Elcomsoft, simple flat files have been created that hold every combination of LM hash for letters only passwords. Jesko has coded a server application which allows you to access this database. Simply telnet to: beginningtoseethelight.no-ip.org on port 2501 and paste in a LM hash. So how does this differ from Rainbow tables? Well this will return a password 100% of the time, using minimal processor power, in approximately less than 0.2 seconds.”


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