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Wednesday morning, alarm goes off. rainy outside, still dark, opened the chicken door while they were still asleep. Kettle on, tea up.

Absolute 80’s on the remote “click”, 7.30 news, The Coalition announce plans to regulate the price of fuel on motorways and use the safety signs to advise you of the pump prices as you drive along.

Is it me or could Sky or BBC news just come directly from the Central Office of Information? Has it always been like this? I have suddenly seen the light?

I am a great fan of 1984 and Brazil, we live in a wall to media enveloped world if you conform to a reasonable level of society’s norms. X-Factor and Big Brother is surely the Soma of the Brave New World which is our reality. If you consider yourself middle class, the Bake off – 8 million viewers, yes that’s YOU out there in the UK.

The news is like a bunch of born again Christians ranting on positively about the Good News God has written into the Bible. But really it’s worse than religiously convince well meaning bunch of people being positive, the Matrix knows that the programme is wrong.

Without a Gold standard there will be no sensible stable price on oil: (good random Austrian Economics link)

If there is no sensible price on oil, then democratic countries will continue to spin their plebs a continual diet of newspeak,  and manipulated model for money supply in favour of the ruling Elite. Why, because they can continue to feed the plebs the dream of “more tomorrow”.

Debt tomorrow (modern fiat funny money) assumes that the future generations can pay it, by the same number of people in future generations paying more tax percentage during their lifetime than the previous generation OR more population paying a similar level of tax burden?

So lets look at the paragraph above
A lot of economists and oil pundits would not argue with the following statement: we are unlikely to be able to obtain anymore oil out of the ground per day than 100 million barrels.

Yes we have limits to growth folks, it takes 9 grams oil to produce 1 gram of food. Forget about water, forget about coal, forget about copper… Just concentrate on FOOD.

Either way the future looks grim for future generations, it doesn’t matter which way you cut it.

Revolutions start with ONE person
Essentially the ruling Elite can never loose grip, they can always choose to change lane and keep driving around the world, they are never to run out of resources – IE Slaves. But the slaves can choose to individually not pay their tax burden in the Sovereign Country they live in. If and when a concentrated minority group in one single country adapt a digital currency with the properties of Bitcoin then they will as a collective economically dictate a fixed monetary policy on the majority. The “mass adoption” inflection point for this economic disruption as a time line will be hard to calculate or impossible to predict.

If you cannot calculate somethings arrival or predict when it is going to happen, it becomes interesting. It’s like having a parcel tracking number from DHL or FedEx, you know IT IS going to arrive, you just don’t know when.

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