Moan Chomsky – “As long as the general population is passive…

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Someone on facebook posted a Moan Chomsky quote and I just went off on one this morning…

It’s not that the general population is passive or apathetic on purpose, even if they did see the world for the way it is. Then they would still behave the same. It’s called human greed.

If you were to explain to someone living in the UK: how credit export guarantees are used to kill people in third world counties we’ve never seen – with tax payers money. Arming Genocide in Rwanda.

How many people the military industrial complex employs on every industrial estate up and down the country? The UK is the FOURTH largest manufacturer of WEAPONS. The City of London is without doubt the money laundering capital of world bar none, drugs, arms deals, tax avoidance…

They would find it awful.

Show them “The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse” documentary – link at the bottom.

Then explain that for the country to stop this behaviour, they’d have a lower standard of living.

Yes, that less money to spend, higher prices for everything, fewer holidays, fewer car upgrades. Less money to spend on their family. Less welfare state, lower pensions.

Humans breed more successfully than rats.
If we reduced are birthrate in the 1st world, that would significantly reduce global warming over a 20 year period.
Each person in the UK contributes 20 tonnes of CO2 per annum.
80% of landfill is disposable nappies.
Now the children of today have two+ children – you can see how this continues.
And for every person born into a Western society we buy more cheap shit from abroad manufactured without any pollution control. Our purchases make their economies boom, thery have yet more children BECAUSE of our consumerism of having yet more children. Third world starts getting more successful, next they see TV, want meat. ONE kilogram of beef takes 5000 litres to produce.

Meanwhile back at home we have no way of looking after old people in any dignified manner.
Or the means to support our NHS or education.

17% of all boys aged 16-19 years old are illiterate. Thus rendering 25-30% workforce unemployable. They ain’t NEVER EVER going to be tax payers people. WAKE UP YOU FUCKWITS.

Now at home – all YOU really care about is your family.

Noam Chomsky you can’t wake these people up if you Monty Python style put 20,000 volts up ’em.

It’s not that they are stupid or asleep. Liberalism gave them these choices.

“Crony capitalism” created the system we live in the UK


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