In response to: Scrap plans forcing self employed & small business to do 4 tax returns yearly

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In response to: Scrap plans forcing self employed & small business to do 4 tax returns yearly

Question: Is this thing going to go away? Nope. So we might as well embrace change. We don’t live in a democracy, government is NOT run for benefit of the people, that’s the reality of life.

Unless supporting the military industrial complex to employ lots of middle class people in manufacturing so dictators can bomb the shit out of others so we can continue to have cheap goods from cheap oil and commodity prices that do not bear any relation to the damage done getting them out of the ground is doing to the planet. Is this a good thing?

You’re unhappy about increasing the tax take that this measure maybe driving at? Then expect more expansion of the MIC to support the cheap prices of everything, destroy the planet, bomb people we don’t know to pay for the increasing cost of the NHS, Education and retirement. Money has to come from somewhere? Increasing the tax taken of the self employed is thin edge of the wedge? The Self employed are the only people contributing, because the Amazon’s, Google’s and Apple’s of this world aren’t paying any corporation tax.

I’m trying to be positive, this isn’t going to get any better. GDP is no longer a valid economic yarsdstick, Keynes v Hayek is as valid as Quantum v Newtonian physics – IE They do not matter because for some people neither are valid.

I propose that actually increasing tax take to pay for “government”: NHS, Education and retirement is redundant proposition and that we need to rethink the properties of money and how we relate to one another.

The Selfish Gene actually needs to be rethought, or maybe it will by Darwinism. The Self cares for the self, self cares for family, families care for the community. Communities are tribal in nature which is West is nurtured into Nationalism by government.

When there is no government to fund NHS, Education and retirement. Nationalist propaganda struggles to find a home. That place is much happier place? And that certainly will not be a world without Doctors, schools and older wiser people. But I hope it is a world with less oppression.

Happy New Year – Mark

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