Py’s Uncle Don died on Friday 12pm UK time 6am Chicago US

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I got a text from Py at 23:04 on Friday night asking where had I been? – “I’ve been in the labs since 8…”.

As you can see from my other posting I got off the Net and SMSd her to say give me a call. 2p/m for her to call me on contract – 35p/m for me to call her. Telecom companies are so bright they’ll put the sun out of business sometime soon.

At about 23:40 Py called me in tears, her Uncle Don who has been “like a father to her” died early Friday morning US time of a heart attack. His wife who is a cardiac nurse gave him immediate CPR and the ambulance was with them in 3 minutes. Unfortunately he did not make it through surgery.

I drove over to be with her and tried to comfort the best I could, we had a cup of fruit tea with Roz then turned in for the night. I slept OK, but Py told me later on Saturday she didn’t get to sleep for what felt hours.

Strange that I only spoke to Don for the first time on Monday and was really looking forward to meeting him in the summer when I hope to visit Py, family and friends. Don has passed away at 53 and leaves Liz his wife and several children from his first marriage.

Good luck Don – I will try my best to look after Py for you until we all meet again.


Mark X

Saturday – we popped over to Kingsbridge and SML to pick up a fax for Py’s student loan and scanned in all our holiday photos from last week. Py’s choice of the selected highlights from the the photos can be found here

Just gone 8 we dined on Chicken Kiev, pasta and cheese, finishing on apple slices.

9ish hoffed over to the labs. I churned out the mx journal – whilst Py did her stuff doing the Cornwall Expedition Easter 2001.

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